March 2, 2006

Influences and Beliefs

As a young kid: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
As a young adult:
John Warnock and Kai Krause

You probably know the first two :) And though they might be a bit obvious, what can I say? As a kid, they were
gods to me.

I believe in meritocracies, the power of ideas, and the value of will. That's what these gentlemen, and their achievements, represent to me - that's what they taught me.

Looking at that now - as a slightly older adult - there's an interesting, consistent polarity (along an entreprenurial axis) between technology vision and creative vision, respectively, that has been attractive to me: Gates v. Jobs and Warnock v. Krause. And though I don't mean, in any way, to diminish the heroes of my youth - who have undeniably proven themselves as adept technocratic giants, agile business leaders and humanitarian luminaries - John Warnock is 10 times the technologist Bill Gates will ever be, and Kai Krause is 10 times the creative visionary Steve Jobs will ever be. What can I say? Success (and even leadership) is not the same as vision.

Don't believe me?

That's OK - my beliefs don't require that you do :)

I do find my
value system evolving, though, as I've gotten (slightly) older, particularly now that I have kids.


Adrian said...

Hello, Sree. I absolutely agree with you on Kai. Although you forgot to add the exponential of 10 to the "10 times more creative..."

BTW, at this link is my website, you are scattered around in the Meta galleries:

Cheers, Adrian

Sree Kotay said...

Hey Adrian! Nice website! Though I have to say.... whooooooo, at least no hair is a timeless look :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, what could have been:

Sree Kotay said... NOT cool, dude, NOT cool.

(and THANKS a LOT, adrian).

Just know this - there will BE a reckoning...!!

Adrian said...

LOL! Corey - that's so wicked! Sorry Sree...

0 said...

your girls are beautiful :)

Sree Kotay said...

Thanks, roopa - I try not to brag (and be one of THOSE parents) - but, yeah, they're pretty (and more importantly, pretty GREAT :))

Anonymous said...

You are mentioned here.
(Under the Time entry)

"Surely if another Bryce crossed my path the way it did with Eric Wenger in Paris, or another Vector Effects with Sree Kotay or another Power Tools with Ben Weiss I might still dabble in this or that area."

Unknown said...

Hi Sree, stumbled across your post on Slashdot. Nice blast from the past. It's been a while since PCC, hope you are doing well.

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