March 21, 2006

No longer speaking with my wife

The Internet is a strange place.

You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I have to admit, I still get surprised at the stuff that emerges from the cracks of the Web.

For example, one of the Google queries that apparently led someone to my site?

"no longer speaking with my wife".

This site ( shows up, as of this writing, at #2 (on page 2, but still!!). Unless Google know something I don't, my wife and I are still on speaking terms. At least I haven't hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" threshold... although this post probably won't help with regard to PageRank about this term (or with my wife, for that matter).

And Corey Lucier will burn for this.


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to question this whole page rank fiasco. In one month my site (a little ol' blog about nothing under the sun) was apparently a top ten contender for:

"detachable window grids"
"getting home reassessed"
"hidden bookcase rooms"
"fashion toolkit plugins"
"rubbing sticks together"
"slavery era slogans"
"nvidia prt"
"list of happy workspace"
"xul absolute layout"

and of course

"sree kotay"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hehe, same here...I obviously can sell oompa loompas...can we aquire those through finance?

Kilroy Trout said...

No doubt Google knows something about your personal life you're unaware of, and soon the DOJ will know it too :-)

BTW, your "Know your FPU" article on stereopsis was nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

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