March 12, 2006

Why did the chicken cross the Moebius strip?

To get to the other .... um... hunh...


Last (and short) browser-centric post from me for a while (enough about
Firefox vs. Internet Explorer already:P). Anyhoo, some interesting comments from Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Research - it basically covers the business rationale for AOL having its own browser (50,000 foot view).

It's nice that people are
starting to notice that AOL is getting to the other side.


Anonymous said...

Alot of the things that he covers are pretty good reasons. I always had apreciated AOL being on the forefront of the user experience. As brought up in the article AE has tabbed browsing which IE only has with the use of Live Toolbar and IE7. Firefox had this already...but before getting into a contest on browsers now...

Two of those extentions are built right into AE and the AE team knows it.

If Joe Wilcox wants to know how to change search engines, point him on over to

I laid out how to do it ;)

Sree Kotay said...

Thanks Shawn - cool post of changing the search engine in AOL Explorer :)

Hilites very well how client and web applications are increasingly hybridizing... and some of the opportunities that presents.

Anonymous said...

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