April 26, 2009

Wow - what am I missing?
Pirate bay craziness...

The pirate bay is (was?) a site that holds *links* to torrents.  I'm NOT in anyway in favor of copyright violation or intellectual property theft - but how is this (a) wrong or (b) worthy of the punishment?  ($M in fines, and time in *prison*)??

Its a search engine?  It doesn't hold the content.... perhaps I'm missing something (have to admit I never used it).

Update: hiliarious (and accurate) thepirategoogle (pirate bay using google... duh, its a search engine, just like thepiratebay was)
Update 2: hmm - broken (blocked by google?)
Update 3: An update (tried to find the site owner, but couldn't)... so try this: thepiratebaygoogle on sree