November 27, 2006

Vista Week

Updated: Yeah. What he said.

Microsoft officially launches Vista to businesses Novemeber 30 (Thursday). Pretty big news, considering the length of time since it was first previewed and number of reboots of what Vista is (heh :)). Its been 5(ish) years since the last major OS upgrade from Microsoft and though I think this will be a better upgrade than the technogeeks expect, there's no way it will live up to the hype.

Bottom line: its way overdue, so its going to be hard to be impressed.

That's OK though, in the scheme of things, but... can someone tell me what "release to businesses" means exactly? From what I can tell, there'll be nothing at retail; I guess people (IT folk that is) will be expected to download it from MSDN?

Its a shame - this OS launch strategy is really turning the Vista release into a limp whimper. Perhaps that's on purpose (worred about negative press?), but I don't think so - I think Microsoft is schizophrenic about what to do now (big-picture), and its coloring what, warts and all, ought to be a major event for them.


Dossy Shiobara said...

Linux's success used to be measured by how much like Windows it had become. (Think: User-friendly desktop GUI, hardware autodetection, etc.) Now, Windows's success is being measured by how much like Linux it is becoming. (Think: stability, security, etc.)

Sree Kotay said...

(Hey Dossy :))

hm - interesting point; I definitely have to agree, from a "critic" perspective - but I wonder what that means commercially? Is software become like books or movies - where what the informed-arati "know" and what everyone really uses in the real world diverge more and more?

Despite the many many knocks on windows - I'm not seeing a huge share shift.

Though we did see a bump with Firefox - already backlashing... I dunno - so maybe its coming... I do think "connected" software is where that stuff starts to matter, and all our software is heading that way.

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