November 30, 2006

Vista v1, Office 2007, and
a preview of Vista v2 UI - lucky us!

Vista launches today, and so does (officially at least) the new version of MS Office. I have to say, from all appearances, the UI changes for Office look to be a gutsy, necessary, and successful revamp for the Office franchise. I often say "you can't lead by following..." (which is dumb, but you know what I mean :)) - and I have to hand it to Microsoft; the changes don't feel arbitrary (for the most part) and at a minimum have created the kind of buzz for Office we haven't seen in probably nearly a decade.

Again, sounds dumb to say, but change doesn't mean "well really kind of the same"... so, kudos - to both Vista and Office launching (well, sorta), on the same day no less. Both products genuinely are a major achievement that balance familiarity with forward movement pretty well. I don't love the real estate compromise(s), but I'll get over it - it does bring forward a LOT I didn't tend to remember to use in the Office Suite.

Interesting in all of this is MS's attempt to proactively control the IP surrounding the product's "look and feel" with their Office UI licensing program - I particularly like how they're willing to "share their invesment". Thanks guys! (*cough* zune *cough*)

I also particularly like the last answer in this interview with the PM for MS Office:

"A: Historically, most of the more substantial UI breakthroughs have happened in Office and later moved to Windows. We continue to talk to the Windows team about what aspects (of the new Office UI) would make sense for them."

That guy MUST have read How to Win Friends and Influence People :P
(kidding! - we knew what he meant... at least, I'm sure the Window team does :D)


Anonymous said...

lot of post on msft since you quit.
will you be joining us at msft ;) ?

Michael said...

But sree, have you used the new office? I thought the ribbon looked nice until I sat down with a beta.

The confusing mess of clipboard and save stuff near the round button is really hard to access with your mouse. The rollovers *flicker*!

And after using it, the tab-like menus hide a lot - you get no visual cues until you access one (and only then do you get relevant colorful icons, etc.)

I'm not a believer.

Anonymous said...

hum. i have the released version, there isn't any flicker on rollovers. And i am not sure why you find it hard to access clipboard/save stuff, the icons are big and can hardly be missed. maybe i misunderstand what you mean. (but again, i have the released version)

Also, i do not find difficult to navigate through the different tabs. it's true you have to click on them, but functionalitites are well-grouped together. After a few days I find it quite convenient.
Though it might have been better if we could have a preview of functionnalitites on roll-over.

About real-estate, there is an option to auto-hide the ribbon once you click on your document.

Sree Kotay said...

lol - funny niko :) How's life in Seattle?

Sree Kotay said...

Yeah - there's funniness, especially with the "Office" menu (or whatever that round thing is) - but overall, its an improvement to the original; not like all those menus served much purpose - and the basics are still pretty easy to get to.

I think you'll get used to it - its not a panacea, but I do think its a step...

Anonymous said...

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