April 7, 2006

A True Underdog Story

Updated: The result.

At the behest of our CTO, I've assembled a crack team of technologists to hold the line againt the dark tide that seeks to overwhelm. We will be competing against the eyeball stealing axis of evil (Google, Yahoo, MSN and others) in a no holds barred, knuckle baring, flat out fight-to-the-finish battle match of... Dodgeball!

Yes, Dodgeball.
As in, dodge, duck, dip, dive, and, uh, dodge.

Seriously, I'm fielding my own AOL team in an intercompany Dodgeball tournament (there will be one other AOL team playing also). We play today, and it should be an interesting tourney - I expect we'll be the only company fielding a tech team.

And... I expect it'll be pretty ugly (less doughy tech types over in Marketing :P), but it matters not, for...

I am Sree. I fight for the users.

(I'll let you know how it goes... :))


0 said...

Good luck captain... I'm sure ur troops will do u proud... go AOL techies!!

Anonymous said...

you aren't using discs? what will bring down the evil MCP?

kelobyte said...

We will be better off if we have Milton with us. By the way, I happen to see the website, and we might consider playing the game that is playing.

Sree Kotay said...

:) Yeah, the MCP won

Such is life. Just wait for Tron 2.0...

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