January 4, 2007

CES 2007 is coming

I'll be out at CES next week, during the middle of the week. It really is the oddest show. The main reason to go, and indeed the reason I'm going, is that everyone else goes.

So its a great place to connect with a whole lot of people from all over in a very short amount of time. I hear there's some exhibition thing there, too... though, if previous years are any indication, I might not even make it to the show floor (at least, not for very long) - ands its certainly NOT a compelling reason to show up.

Those ouroborosistic sophists would be proud.


Anonymous said...

Not even Google recognizes ouroborosistic, but googling ouroboro turns up some interesting links, including this one:

Sree Kotay said...

yeah - I might have made that up.

I was attempt to adjectivize (dammit - there I go again!) a word: ouroboros (its that symbol of the snake eating its own tail... )

I thought the idea of additionaly describing circular arguers (sophistry) as eating their own tails was appropriately (amusingly?) redundant :)

perhaps not so much... :P

Sree Kotay said...

oh, and now I'm a googlewhack for "ouroborosistic" :)

Anonymous said...

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