December 20, 2006

Best. Product. Name. Ever.

Updated: My bad. Amapi is till kicking (and NOT to be confused with this :))

I was looking for a 3D appplication to play with some things, and noticed that (it appears) Amapi 3D is no longer on the market.

Amapi was a Mac 3D modeler (from back in the day), with a killer innovative "workbench" UI and a gestural interface. It was a enjoyable, useful product, but got squeezed quite a bit (along with a lot of other rich authoring tools) as people moved from productive to consumptive behaviours with the explosion of the Internet (not to mention the time-coincident shift from Mac to Windows - a move from which many Mac products never recovered).

Amapi survived though, moving through various acquisitions and continuing to improve and innovate through the years- its a little sad to no longer be able to find it.

But as good as the product was (and I loved it), the best part was the name. It was (originally) developed and marketed by a French company called Yonowat.

Get it?

Yonowat? Amapi.
(or, in English: You know what? I'm happy)...

It's the little things, you know :)


Anonymous said...

You and your 3D, SreeD. Always with the 3D. 3D is so Web 1.0, 4D is where it's at man! Get with it.

Unknown said...

I bet you also can always figure out what those weird license plates say too.

Sree Kotay said...

lol - c'mon - that's comic GENIUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of why you should stick to writing code. :-)

Sree Kotay said...

You're a bunch of scrooges! the whole lot of you!! No soul.... :)

Unknown said...

It wasn't a commentary on the name, but on your intellect Mr. Kotay. Without the translation assistance, I woudln't have gotten the joke. So no Ms. Scrooges here...(just us odd spelling challenged folks).

Unknown said...

Actually I think "Hexagon" from Daz3D is a renamed version of "Amapi".
Apparently they have less of a sense of humour out there in Utah that they have in Bordeaux where Yonowat was based. Must be the wine...

Kilroy Trout said...

Oey! lame.

In the 90s, there seemed to be a lot of experimentation in graphics software UI & technologies - Amapi, MetaCreations (remember them Sree?), Eric Wenger's stuff. Now bots are designing web pages, and there's not much wiggle room for being unconventional.

Take my Adobe Creative Suite - please :-)

Unknown said...


we at e frontier gave Amapi a new home (

Pierre, Hexagon is slightly different (but historically related).


Sree Kotay said...

Hey Pierre - you're right! Amapi's still around - though not quite as "out there" an experience as it used to be.

Probably more appropriate for people who really use it for real work (I'd guess) - but I liked the earlier experiments.

Sree Kotay said...

hey ulrich (just saw your post) - yes, THAT's Amapi...glad to see its still around - makes me 'api... :)

Sree Kotay said...

kilroy - yeah, it does seem like things are a little static these days. I guess that's part of "moving the middle" as we've seen technology proliferation move from the edge to the center... but I think its due for a change (soon).

Anonymous said...

Looks like they have possession of Poser too... how about that?

Stumbled onto your blog site today - who knew you were such an articulate writer? Last I saw you couldn't even tie your shoes... ;)

Hey we ship Lightroom later this month or early Feb - go get it then (and not a minute before, skip the current beta it's not how I want you to see it - no peeking, tithead!) and tell me how much you like it.

Wanna come work here at Adobe next?

Miss you, love to the wife and offspring -



Sree Kotay said...

PHIL!!!! :) I'll find you... :)

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