August 17, 2006

The Internet has spoken

Memes are a bitch. Someone just reminded me of the search results in Google if you enter "failure" as your query term. Oldie but a goodie - wisdom of crowds? The Internet is a strange place...


Anonymous said...

amazing this is only about 3 or 4 years old

deepsat said...

someone needs to reindex certain terms!! or leave it as is!! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe 3 or 4 years old, but that top result is still a good candidate for the most relevant result for that search term :)

Carl Hutzler said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carl Hutzler said...

I wonder if this ranking (and many others) are influenced by bots or other artificial things. I just don't believe that Bush is #1 for that search term by end users writing about him, linking to other sites with the word Failure in them and eventually linking to the site. Maybe it is true, but I don't buy it 100%.

I also believe click fraud on the adsense side of the house may be a lot bigger than anyone is talking about. On my own site ( I get 800 or so hits a day, but only 50 or so are real people so it seems. That is an awful lot of automated something. And whatever the automation is, it does click on links on an average of 3-4 per visit.

Google has also been settling click fraud suits for $MM very quickly - not much of a fight, keeping the press low, etc.

Just wondering :-)

Sree Kotay said...

if it is, it cuts both ways - I'm pretty sure #3 or 4 if you search for "failure" on Google was Michael Moore (liberal auteur of the Bush-bashing "Fahrenheit 9/11" docu-flick) :)

Anonymous said...

The official word from Google:

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