August 15, 2006

XBox 360 Games: Now Created by You

The "user generated media" trend is, in the Internet space, just the latest name for one small aspect of the "personal computer" revolution in an increasingly connected computing environment (or at least, the empowerment thereby afforded; remember the DTP revolution?) - the whole idea is to enable you to make and run software. Only natural that this should be fractal (i.e. running software that lets you make software...)

For example, Microsoft is now enabling
user-created Xbox 360 Games - a first for a major console (AFAIK).

And its a good example of why
"general" computing environments (hiccups aside) will beat application specific ones - flexiblity of content deployment.

I'm not sure I was clear with the idea in my
Flash Player 9 posts - but that idea is that the "edges" will be become more and more general (data driven, generic "content" runtimes) while specificity gets pushed to the core. The browser is one instance of this, but its not clear if it will be the only (or even "final") version.

Remember, Microsoft
doesn't make products for end users...


Anonymous said...

Dude - Look up the Net Yaroze some time.
I know it cost money, and was practically a new console, but you could still use it to make games for a console.

Sree Kotay said...

Yeah - you're right, of course. they also had their PS2 Linux kit and some other experiment stuff... but those always seemed not well supported (distribution-wise), but perhaps that's just a post-facto success perception

Anonymous said...

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