October 17, 2011

Redux: WebGL Random Pixel Toy

Fun: Check out WebGL Sand Toy.

John Robinson, at his storminthecastle blog, posted a 'cloud' version (i.e. a webpage :P) of a toy app I did 5 years ago.  His version is pretty cool, all the more so because it runs in the browser, using WebGL.

Two things strike me about this (other than general fun/goodness):
  1. 5 years(-ish) feels about right on the Moore's law curve, and is probably the target for 'native' smartphones apps making the transition to browser based (if the W3C can get its act together)
  2. On the other hand, "runs like native" still seems like the highest compliment one can pay a browser based thing... so there's that.

By way of example for both points, consider:

Viewpoint Media Player 3D, in a browser, circa 2002 using 'SreeD'
WebGL racer, in a browser, circa 2011 using OpenGL

In any case, enjoy.

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