February 12, 2009

ESPN makes an... interesting play

I'm surprised there's not been more coverage of ESPN's ISP extortion scheme.
ESPN's Play To Make ISPs Pay
(from slashdot)

Its kind of interesting - on the one hand, its their site, their content, they should be able to do what they want... on the other hand, well, it seems like deals like this seem like a bad idea on many levels. I guess the markets will speak on whether this makes sense.

But amusingly, this was also covered on BroadbandReports (see here) - the amusing part is that the article ran with an advertisement (contextually served by our overlords at Google) from, you guessed it, ESPN.

Karma's a fickle beast.


Unknown said...
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Mark said...

And now for a non-spam comment....

"If you begin walling off your content..."

Haven't we seen this strategy reversed once before?? ;-)

Patrick Meenan said...

I could see something like this making sense IF it involved a more efficient way to distribute the video clips (where the ISPs put CDN equipment close to the edge) and they leverage that for something like live HD viewing. Short of a technical reason it would such though.

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