September 4, 2007

Seam Carving Images

Boy - there were a number of interesting things at this year's SIGGRAPPH, but so-called "Seam Carving" really seems to have caught people's attention. It seems to have hit upon exactly the right combination of: (1) Easy to demo, (2) Fake AI/magic (seeming) computer smarts, and (most importantly) (3) Relatively trivial to code. Still, even having read the preprints, I'm surprised at all the attention it seems to be receiving.

Video, which explains what I'm talking about (it is fun to watch in action):

And demos, for Windows, in Java, and even Flash, if you just want to try it online (the Windows version is the coolest).

Pretty clever. (And yes, thank you, I've seen it :P)


Unknown said...

Having seen the demo, I am just worried about the priority scheme for removal of individuals from a group photo (i.e., the beach scene) -"No, I really WAS at the beach that day!". Maybe there's a market play for paying for persistence!

Sree Kotay said...

LOL - funny idea. You could compute
a "removal index" to gauge popularity (or lack thereof :))

jvaleski said...

very cool! one of the coolest (and dead simple) image modification techniques I've seen.

just like image compression techniques, and time slicing audio to get it to fit into smaller periods, seam carving/re-sizing destroys the authenticity of an image, distorting it's reality.

not sure what I'm complaining about though given that everything's photoshopped these days anyway.

old school.

Irmgard said...

If you are looking for a software to try out seam carving, take a look at

The program that you can download there (for Windows and Linux, and free) is already highly optimized concerning speed, and apart from enlarging or decreasing image size you can also use masks to protect or delete certain parts of your image.

Have fun,

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