February 5, 2007

SEO and the real world

The impact of the internet (and search applications specifically) on editorial and programming (not programmer programming :P) in the real world seems to bubble up every few months (case in point, courtesy of slashdot). I've been sucked into discussing it before (and again now, I guess :)).

Ultimately, I guess its appropriate that headlines adjust, even if it seems arbitrarily driven by our new content navigation overlords.

So I think we're left with either news content as a business, in which case this is simply adapting to new influx channels, or that its a service, in which case clarity over wit doesn't seem like a bad thing (even if it happens to be today's search tech view of "clarity").

But it still bugs me. Go figure.


Kilroy Trout said...

I think search will diminish quality more than encourage clarity. For example if I write an article on nuclear proliferation, a well placed quote by Pamela Anderson on how "nuclear energy sucks" will surely bring in the Googlers. And that means more eyes on banner ads which is what we (publishers) want isn't it? :-)

Sree Kotay said...

lol - yeah; so maybe it bugs me but it makes plainly transparent the idea that publishing is an attention whoring business? :P