October 2, 2006

Tech Geeks, Inc.

Heh. Veeeerrry funny, over generalizations, blah blah blah, etc. - but consistent with my experiences with tech culture delusions of grandeur - read this if you're a geek with start-up dreams (and you're vaguely serious about it).

Funniest (to me) were #6 and #7 (Hah! Lisp sux because it is SO productive it makes you anti-social - brilliant!).

Courtesy of Slashdot, naturally (news for nerds).

Somebody should produce the counter - top ten business-guy business myths; any doofus who starts quoting "Good to Great" should Google "logical fallacy" and "appeal to authority"... :) (you know who you are... :P)


Anonymous said...

the single point tha blog was trying to make, which I happen to agree whole heartedly, boils down to "it's the customer, stupid".

Amazing how that applies to both the startup and corporate scenarios...

Sree Kotay said...

Hah. Yeah - but there's an important difference in being customer focused (i.e. informed by your users), and customer driven... and I might even argue that placement on that spectrum depends on your business and your goals. :)

metamerist said...

When someone quotes "Good to Great," quote Wharton.