September 21, 2006

Problems with Integer Overflow Math and Detection, pt 1

Updated: Fast(est?) portable simple solution outlined in Part 3
Continued in Part 2.

: I see Linus Torvalds (of ye verily Linux fame) crying about the same problem way back when - did he ever find a better solution than the MS one?

I was checking out a
new blog site that the Microsoft Vista Shell team has (a former friend of mine runs that group there), and, digging around, happened upon an old post from Raymond Chen (that guy is amazing - LOVE his blog)

This particular post was about integer overflow and resultant subtle problems. Its a trickier thing than most people think, and has all sorts of
well documented long standing "famous" bugs.

That led me to Microsoft's very nice
SafeInt class - but yowza - safe addition takes 3 compares and 3 branches? In the trivial case? (i.e. positive number plus a positive number)

I saw that there's been an update that deals with this by casting to int64, doing the add, and then two compares and 1 branch, and a cast into a int32, but yoinks... someone must have a better solution than that.

I'm going to do a little research - but someone? anyone? Faster/better solution?

(My timing tests show - I wrote a tiny benchmark - with the "safe int" exception throwing on, that simple addition takes twice as long (almost) - that really the state of the art?)


Michael said...

carry flag?

It is late and I'm just writing this by memory, but:

x = a + b;
__asm jae nofault
// uh oh it broke?
__asm nofault:

I'm using jae instead of jb so that "assume branch taken" is the common case. This is sometimes faster than the other way around, but I can't remember the details.

Sree Kotay said...

yeah - so two problems (I *must* be doing something wrong):

a) its x86 assembly - I was looking a more portable code path (not necessarily "MAXIMALLY" portable - you can presume wrapping math and two's complement pretty well everywhere)

b) I tried the x86 asm, and it was wierdly slow - I'll post a benchmark (or just send it you), but I tried

__forceinline long asmAdd(long a, long b)
long c=a+b;
return c;



__forceinline long asmAdd(long a, long b)
long c;
mov eax, a
mov ecx, b
add eax, ecx
mov c, eax

return c;


and BOTH were slower than the MS SafeInt.

Basically, times were:
raw add: 550ms
ms safeint: 900ms
asm safeadd: 1200ms

go figure...

Michael said...

forceinline is breaking for that case (calling a function, hmm)

Here's another branchless version (should be faster than this but inline asm makes it harder).

(This is 1.5x slower than add.)

__forceinline uint32 __safeAdd(uint32 a, uint32 b, uint32 *ov)
uint32 c = a + b;

__asm mov ebx, ov

__asm mov eax, 0
__asm adc eax, 0
__asm mov [ebx], eax

return c;

Sree Kotay said...

hmmm - its WAAAY faster (naturally :P) but I'm not sure its right? sending you a testbed right now... along with my C version (you and your asm! :D)

Anonymous said...

After being piqued and standing on your shoulders, and with a little overflow/opcode sleuthing, I got:

__forceinline long safeAdd ( long a, long b, unsigned char *ov )
long c = a + b;

__asm mov ebx, ov
__asm seto [ebx]

return c;

This appeared to "work" and to be about 14% slower at times, sometimes the same, on my Dell with a QueryPerformanceCounter() check. BTW, Sree, these posts could use the angle-code-angle tag. :)

Okay...time to get a life again.

Sree Kotay said...

also appears (somewhat) incorrect - I'll post my test shortly... :)

plus - I was kinda hoping for a C solution, though the asm one as "baseline" for performance is good to have...

Michael said...

You know, *if* you're going to throw an exception anyway, it is really hard to beat a single compare in C (at least for the unsigned case).

In that case, you're doing one more add than the best assembly you can write, and it's portable.

If you're willing to have an error variable for several ops that you check later, avoiding the branch can be nice.

Unfortunately, seto can't give an error for multiple ops because it will zero out previous errors. adc is better because it can report errors (and the number!) for multiple ops.


Sree Kotay said...

Its not so much that I want to throw an exception as take some action on overflow... exception's sort of a proxy for this benchmark (as that's what the MS one does).

Anonymous said...

Why not just use the compilers built-in 64 bit type. On msvc its

#ifdef GCC
typedef unsigned long long u64;
typedef unsigned __int64 u64;

u32 safeAdd( u32 a, u32 b, u32& ov )
u64 val = u64(a) + u64( b );
ov = ( val >> 32 );
return u32( val )

Sree Kotay said...

Well (and I don't mean this to be sound snippy) but that will be both slow AND incorrect :)

just shifting the large result won't tell if you there was overflow (and you'd like to clamp or do some other action)

the MS technique (which is pretty reasonable - but also NOT the one documented in their article; you'll see it if you read their code) does indeed use 64 bith math, and then test the 64 bit result against 32-bit limits to determine if overflow occurred.

That's good - but seemed like it could be beat for performance.

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